Get the Best Solution
for Your Business.

Are you struggling to grow your business? Think it’s time to try
something new? Let me show you how a few simple changes in your
mindset can change everything.

Get the Best Solution
for Your Business.

Are you struggling to grow your business? Think it’s time to try
something new? Let me show you how a few simple changes in your
mindset can change everything.


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Marta Janas

  • A Bob Proctor Global Consultant

  • A Bob Proctor Inner Circle Member
  • Founder of Marta Janas Consulting
  • Founder of Chyrtus Limited
  • Founder StepUp Recruitment
  • Former Auditor for Revenue Commissioners and HSE (Irish Health Services)
  • Over a decade as a business professional, helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals.

Authority in victory, triumph, winning and achievement…
Tell me what you are missing in your life and I’ll help you get there.

About The Services I Provide


Business Consultation

I help businesses grow by drawing on my over 15 years of professional experience in accountancy and consulting.


Personal Coaching

I’ll teach you invaluable, proven methods of achieving anything you want, beginning with making changes in your thinking.


Corporate Culture Training

Vibrant and healthy communication is just as important to team success in business as competence and skill. I’ll show you how to effectively facilitate that exchange.

Life didn’t come with an instruction manual, but I can show you the secrets for getting the most out of life, work, business and family.

I can help you find…

  • How to take charge of your life.
  • How to manage your time so you have more of it for yourself.
  • How to increase your income.
  • How to expand your business, if you have one.
  • How to find your purpose in life.
  • And much, much more.

I am part of a team that has helped tens of thousands of people, including,

  • Businesses executives,
  • Business owners,
  • People dreaming of starting their own business,
  • Working mothers,
  • Stay-at-home moms,
  • People uncertain what to do with their lives,
  • Workers who feel overworked and under-appreciated,
  • And people who want more out of life, but don’t know what they’re missing.

I can help you get to where
you want to go in life

  • Do you struggle in life? I can show you how to make your life easier to manage.
  • Do you have overwhelming challenges? I can help you gain the ability to tackle one challenge after another, making solid progress.
  • Don’t know what you want out of life? I can help you find clear purpose in life that feels right to you and how to go about setting and accomplishing your goals.
  • Do you have too many ideas and uncertain where to begin? I can help you organized all of your ideas and arranged them in a logical, doable sequence.
  • Do you have a business and no idea how to expand? I can help you gain clarity on all the things you can do to expand your business and help you find the best sequence with which to implement them.
  • Are you working yourself to death and unable to make time for family and other things in life? I can help you streamline your life, cut back on work hours while increasing your income and the time to spend on living life.


The overall goal of Marta Janas Consulting is to make every one of its clients a world-changer who not only has taken charge of their own life, but who positively affects those around them for the better, leading by example—by showing others what a successful and happy life looks like. We want to demonstrate how easy and enjoyable life can be by using a proven, step-by-step science of achievement in every aspect of our lives, from wealth creation and business, to health, relationships and the day-to-day joy of accomplishment. We realize that change in life is inevitable, but success and enjoyment is a combination of skill, preparation and the right mindset. Our goal includes having every client become fully prepared, skilled and mindful of their responsibility in creating their own future. With our help, each client becomes a gem in the diadem of humanity, brightening the look and feel for what it means to be a fellow human on our tiny world.

Tools to make
your life easy

Scientific strategy to set
and achieve your goals

Train your mind to see barriers
and how to overcome them

Gain clarity of vision to build
your most enjoyable future

Client testimonials

I can highly recommend Marta Janas for giving me such a great advices even at the first meeting. Really looking forward to a next one, as the knowledge and experience she has in unbelievable! I'm so glad to have her in my team, it's giving me a lot of security and believing that my extremely high goals can be achieved quicker than I thought!


Marta is an extraordinary person, the best decision ever which I take in my life to work with her ; extremely professional, trustworthy , helpful, empowering clients and a great soul. Highly recommended !!!


Marta jest cudowna, pogodna osoba. Jest specjalistka w swojej dziedzinie. Goraco polecam wszystkim, ktorym zalezy na rozwoju osobistym i biznesowym.😊💲👍


Polecam Panią Martę, pełen profesjonalizm w kierunku księgowości prowadzenia firmy oraz bardzo dobry motywator. Pani Marta wprowadza bardzo dużo nowych pozytywnych pomysłów w kierunku rozszerzania „ dużych i małych biznesów”. Jest genialnym motywatorem i profesjonalistą w tym co robi !!!


Who am I?

I was an accountant throughout my professional life. I have worked in private industry and for the government—Irish Revenue and Health System as an auditor. I also had my own accountancy business on the side. On top of that, I have 2 children—a 1-year-old girl and a 14-year-old son.


I have always been very busy. For the longest time, I didn’t have that much money. I worked and studied, but my life wasn’t getting any better. I was frustrated. I had done everything that experts had said I should do. I worked for and received two college degrees, I took several accountancy courses and achieved more and more impressive qualifications for my career.


I worked my way up in the practice, but soon I was exhausted. On the side, I still had my own accountancy business which I thought I needed to get ahead.


Then, one day, I said, “No, that’s not it. This is not working.” So, I left my job and moved into civil service, hoping for a lifestyle that might be a bit easier. I worked in government institutions and got promoted very quickly. My parents were very proud because I had a government job and a pension. What else could I ever want?


But I did want more. So, I went back and opened my accountancy services, again, filling my evenings and weekends with more work. Suddenly, I was very busy again!


After I had my second baby, I realized that I really do want a life! Somehow, I had been filling my hours in a desperate attempt to get ahead, but I wanted something else. Even so, I remained uncertain what that something else should be. I was hoping I might start some new business, but then I became frustrated. I realized that I was somehow approaching life all wrong, but I knew I could do more for my clients.


That’s when I became a consultant for Bob Proctor. Now, I can advise businesses not only on accountancy, but also on a personal level as well. Now, I can use my knowledge and do what I really love to do—helping small businesses and ordinary people sort out their lives and help them do what they love doing.


Before, I had felt as if I had been doing ten things at a time, working longer hours and making less, with no time for my children. Now, I’m working fewer hours, earning my yearly salary in a single month, and running 3 different companies—accountancy, recruitment and consulting.


Now, I love my life.

I learned that I don’t have to do everything myself. I learned the art of delegation and how to build a dream team around me, giving me the time and freedom to think and to plan. The skills I’ve gained truly are power—the power to help people take charge of their lives—the power to do more than merely live. This is the power to thrive.

Why Choose Marta Janas Consulting?

Marta has been there. She knows the types of problems life can throw at you. And she has learned the age-old secrets and modern science for overcoming every possible problem. She has used the step-by-step procedures to turn her own life around and now she wants to help others do the same. Marta is the type of person who is thrilled to help people thrive and get more out of life. She loves to see those life-changing moments when a client finally sees all their barriers melt away and the path to their dreams is made clear for the first time. Let Marta help you achieve your own dreams.

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Empowering you to master
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Freeing you up
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